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Featured Advocate Series: Ivy Watts- On a Mission to Spread Self-Love

If you’ve ever explored Ivy Watt’s blog or Instagram, you could tell this public speaker exudes self-confidence and positivity. With an infectious smile and inspiring pep-talks (not to mention some impressive dance moves), it’s no wonder why Ivy is the best person to speak on …

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How to Stick To Your New Years Resolutions All Year Long

If you’re anything like me (and like 78% of the world’s population probably) your new year’s resolutions are usually as good as gone by March, overshadowed by old habits and day-to-day  monotony . After a year of disappointments and a fair share of failures, I am …

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Featured Advocate Series: Morgan Boerup- Creator of ItsJustMyOCD

A mental health advocate in every sense of the word, Morgan Boerup has dedicated herself to delivering honest content and support for individuals struggling with mental illness. Morgan has used her platform to share the advice that has helped her manage her chronic OCD, Anxiety …

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Featured Advocate Series: Alex Wilson- Writer & Ayurveda Yoga Specialist

Manage Anxiety. Build Confidence. Create a Life You Love.  These statements at the top of Alex Wilson’s website does not only express what she wants her followers to gain from her practice and her content, but also the growth she has experienced herself. The self-proclaimed Anxious …