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Featured Advocate Series: Ivy Watts- On a Mission to Spread Self-Love

“Self-love is truly one of the best gifts I could have given to myself. When I recognized how beautiful I was inside and out and recognized that the validation I craved for so long had to come from myself and not from others, I finally found peace in my life. I had been searching for love, acceptance and peace in all of the wrong places. When I finally sought it within myself, and stopped expecting myself to be perfect, my whole life changed. “

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Featured Advocate Series: Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Alex Wilson on How to Start Your Mental Wellness Journey

I don’t teach yoga, I teach transformation. This statement at the top of Alex Wilson’s Instagram Bio does not only express what she wants her followers to gain from her practice and her content, but also the growth she has experienced herself. The self-proclaimed Anxious Yogi …