How to forgive and forget your mistakes, lessons from life's most embarrassing moments

Things to Remember When You Screw Up

Let me work you through the worst job interview I ever experienced:

One bug in my hair, yes, in my hair (which the employer so kindly stopped mid-interview to point out),

Two times I completely blanked out and forgot the name of one of the company’s clients (I guess I didn’t do my research),

and Three (hundred) Umms and Uhhs.

As you might have guessed, I didn’t get the job. I wanted to walk into that interview beaming with confidence but instead I ended up fumbling through 30 excruciating minutes of embarrassment. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. It sucked.

You are going to have awful, embarrassing, kinda-wish-it-didn’t-happen moments throughout your life. After crappy experiences, you have the option to either, A, pretend like it never happened or B, learn from it.

Things to remember when you screw up- how to learn from your mistakes, overcome your embarrassing moments, and forgive your fuck ups.

Even if that job interview had actually gone perfectly, there is still a good chance I wouldn’t have gotten the job. They wanted someone with concrete experience and a chick with only a few months of related internship work experience under her belt like me probably wouldn’t have made the cut.

Our lives are a collection of our f*ck-ups. Like a WWE wrestler, bruised and beaten- we can’t let our losses stop us from getting back in the ring. We figure out where we went wrong, we evaluate, adjust, and overcome.

The upside of having the worst job interview in the history of all job interviews is the fact that there is no way any job interview after that can ever be as bad, or at least that’s what I’ve told myself (the universe is probably saying “is that a challenge?”).

It’s important to look at our embarrassing moments as lessons instead of failures. Reframing regret is the key to happiness (or at least a way to stop cringing so bad when the memory comes to mind). Not that you need this reminder, but HELLOOO you’re only human, you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to do something embarrassing. It’s as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning. It’s what you do about your mistakes that make the difference between a f*ck-up and a valuable lesson learned.


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  1. You’re so right, it’s easy to dwell on the negative, but that doesn’t help you grow and learn. I had an interview recently that I didn’t think went well until I got an email that I was accepted!

  2. I always feel anxiety when having interviews.

  3. I can never forget a lot of embarrassing moments but sometimes I just laugh about it. Although it is easier to think negatively, it is important to learn from it.

  4. How true! I believe we all face things for a reason; after all life isn’t a flat country road. If we learn from our mistakes, we succeed. If we dwell on their failure, we will surely be tested again.

  5. Fran Jorgensen says:

    I love all the wisdom you are sharing, there are always a lot of opportunities out there, the most important thing is to persist.

  6. I so understand and agree with your point of view! Interviews are always bad for me.

  7. This is such an important message for people to hear. Anytime a new opportunity arises for me, I constantly overthink it in my head, and surprise surprise it NEVER goes the way I imagined it in my mind. You’ve got to look at these moments, take things from them, and learn to laugh. Great read!

  8. I agree with this! Accept your failure can help you how to grow and improve a nice post!

  9. I needed to hear this today! It’s so healthy to have a growth mindset. Totally relate to that interview experience!

  10. Holly says:

    Love this. I’m the queen of foot in mouth…so I have plenty of experience screwing up!!!

  11. Elizabeth O says:

    Failure is part of our life experience and can be a great teacher. There is so much pressure to be perfect that we forget that hiccups are a natural part of the journey. Enjoyed your post.

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