Five Monthly journal prompts for self-reflection and goal-setting

5 Journal Prompts to Start the Month Off On the Right Track

Who says you have to wait for the New Year to make resolutions for your life? The first day of a new month is the perfect opportunity to check-in with yourself and figure out what areas of your life you want to improve.

When it’s time to flip the calendar over to the next month, I like to take 5-10 minutes to journal out my goals, expectations, and plans for the next 30 days.

Here are a few journal prompts you can use to evaluate your needs this month and make a plan to get the most out of the next 30 days.

Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection, Self-improvement, and goal-setting

What would have made last month better?

You can take this question in a lot of different ways.

You can take it in a literal way “umm if I had 500 dollars to spend…”


You can take it in more of an abstract way “If I had spent more time with my friends.”

Either way, your answer to this question will open your eyes to what’s important to you right now and where your values lie.

You wish you had more money? Maybe this month is your chance to start a side-hustle or re-evaluate your budget.

You wish you spent more time with friends? Set a goal for yourself to have a couple more lunch-date or Saturday night outings this month.

How do you want to feel by the end of this month?

Think about what emotion you want to feel at the end of 30 days.


Try to be as descriptive as you can about the emotion.

How would you feel?
Why do you want to feel that way?
What might make you feel that way?

As you can see, from your answer to this question you are starting to create a goal to work towards and possibly the steps you’ll take to get there.

If you weren’t afraid of ANYTHING, what would you do?

Use your imagination on this one. If your fear wasn’t there to stop you, what is something you would want to try?

It can be bizarre and improbable, or simple and insignificant.

When I’ve answered this question for myself, I’ve thought of all the ideas I’ve had in the past where I’ve said “it would be cool to do this, BUT ….” I always got in my own way and came up with a hundred excuses as to why something won’t work out.

In Jen Sincero’s brilliant book You are a Bad-Ass, she talks about this concept of saying “I’m just going to give this a try, because why not?” *shrug*

Instead of focusing on your doubts and excuses, you can just give something a try. As long as you have the attitude of “it’s just one try, why not?” you’ll likely find it easier to try new things this month and get out of your comfort zone.

How do you feel in each main component of your life? (Work, Social, Health, and Leisure)

Break it down. Create a table for each section or color-code your categories.

How do you feel?
Where do you think you can improve?
What major projects/events are happening this month?

Other categories you can add include Love, Parenting, Family, Hobbies/Side-Hustles, and anything else that’s important to you.

This is your chance to check-in with yourself in each part of your life. Think about how you currently feel, what you are expecting this month, and how you want to improve.

What is one thing you can add to your routine that will make you a little happier, healthier, or more productive?

It’s all about taking the first step towards self-improvement.

Making one change isn’t overwhelming, right? Just a small step towards better.

From the previous question, figure out what part of your life needs the most work and decide on one thing you can do this month to improve that part of your life.

For example, if you want to reduce stress daily, you can set a time each day to meditate or journal for a few minutes.

We want to hear from you: how are you going to make the most of this new month? What part of your life needs improvement? What changes are you planning on making? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Journaling is such a great way to see your growth over the months. These prompts are great!

  2. Thanks for sharing these prompts! I’ve been wanting to add journaling to my morning routine. These are insightful and interesting questions that I will add to my list!

    Erika Marie |

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