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7 Signs of a Solid Relationship

So you’ve met someone who is unlike anyone else. You have been in pretty good relationships before, but this time feels a little different, and you can’t figure out why. You just feel…content. Not a feeling we have been taught to expect from movies. No, there’s no monumental declaration of love or final reunion followed by some song by the Goo Goo Dolls. One day you just look at the person and realize that you and that person have something great together.

Here are some other signs you see when you know you are in a strong relationship.

Seven Signs of a Solid Relationship

1. Their happiness, health, and safety means more to you than anything.

When you care about someone whole-heartedly, their pain becomes your own. They’re feeling sick, you’re right there with a cold compress and soup. They’re stressed about work or school, you want to work out their problems with them and do anything you can to help.

2. You allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of them.

You are so comfortable with them that you are able to be unapologetically human. Being able to put down your guard and be real with the person shows how strong you two are together. You are able to look the person in the eye and say “hey, I know you’re flawed and damaged. You have felt hurt and sad, but I am here, and everything is going to be okay.” They see the sides of you that you haven’t shown anyone else and they still admire you.

3. Everything feels completely natural and easy.

From day one you two have just clicked. There have never been awkward silences, avoided eye-contact, or forced smiles. Conversations just come easily, and you feel comfortable being yourself. Arguments get resolved pretty quickly because you two understand each other. Blame chemistry or the cosmos, but you two just fit together.

4. You can call them your best friend

Things aren’t always picture-perfect or romantic. Most of the time, it’s Chinese-takeout and Netflix, inside jokes and random dance sessions. You two can be goofy together. You two sometimes gossip and bicker and make fun of each other, but at the end of the day, you’ve got someone sticking by your side.

5. You don’t have to see each other all the time or talk constantly to feel secure.

Sure, you wish you could see them more when you two are apart, and of course you miss them, but you are not completely overtaken with doubt or longing when they are away. You two have your own lives. They don’t consume every thought of yours and you can appreciate your alone time.

6. You never feel the need to doubt their feelings, their motives, or their honesty.

You know they love you, without any hint of suspicion. You never really feel worried of what they think or jealous of who they spend time with. They don’t even have to remind you how they feel, you just know everything is okay. They are always straightforward and honest with you as it is—you trust them and they trust you.

7. Your relationship isn’t the center of your world, just one of your favorite parts of it.

What makes your relationship so strong is that you don’t completely rely on each other. You are able to live your life on your own terms, just with extra love and a support system on the side. You are not reliant on them. If you two had to split up, you would be able to survive because they have not consumed your entire life or you for them. You two have allowed each other to make your own decisions, have your own friends, and be your own people. The only difference is that you have someone in your life who is there for you, someone to be your rock and best friend. It may not be a match made in heaven, but you two have built something real.

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